Free Vacation Offer

Thanks for visiting our site and checking out our new program. We are excited to offer new and exiting customers a *free vacation for purchasing toner this month at 200.00 or more. That’s just 200.00 or more and get a free vacation. *The free part is the hotel stay. You would pay for the airfare, […]

FREE Printer Program!

FREE Printer Program! We have a crazy free laser business color or black and white printer program now available! Call us now at 512-389-2679 to find out more!

New site, but not a new business!

New site, but not a new business! There are many places a person or company can buy their toner today. If fact way to many! It’s crazy and I can understand that it can be confusing. The problem is that when you buy online you never really know what your getting! It might be good, […]

News about this site

This site is being rebuilt and is a reflection of our company that has been doing business in Austin since 1987. Our sites have been changed a few times to reflect our changing times. We switched to a eCommerce platform about 3-4 years ago with mixed results and huge learning curve! We still use a […]