Just a sample list of some the toners we sell ~ Not a complete list!

Sample list ~ information only! Call or visit store for more details!

Brand Model’s Cart number Type Color Yield
Samsung CLP300  CLP300N; CLX2160  CLX3160 CLP-K300A Toner Black 2,000
Samsung CLP-C300A Toner Cyan 1,000
Samsung CLP-M300A Toner Magenta 1,000
Samsung CLP-Y300A Toner Yellow 1,000
Samsung CLP310  CLP315  CLP315W; CLX3175FN CLT-K409S Toner Black 1,500
Samsung CLT-C409S Toner Cyan 1,000
Samsung CLT-M409S Toner Magenta 1,000
Samsung CLT-Y409S Toner Yellow 1,000
Samsung CLT-R409 Drum KCMY 24K-BK  6K CLR
Samsung CLP320  CLP320N  CLP325  CLP325N  CLP325W; CLX3185  CLX3185FW  CLX3185N  CLX3186 CLT-K407S Toner Black 1,500
Samsung CLT-C407S Toner Cyan 1,000
Samsung CLT-M407S Toner Magenta 1,000
Samsung CLT-Y407S Toner Yellow 1,000
Samsung CLP350  CLP350N  CLP350NK  CLP350NKG CLP-K350A Toner Black 4,000
Samsung CLP-C350A Toner Cyan 2,000
Samsung CLP-M350A Toner Magenta 2,000
Samsung CLP-Y350A Toner Yellow 2,000
Samsung CLP360  CLP365  CLP365W  CLP366  CLP366W  CLP368; CLX3300  CLX3305  CLX3305W  CLX3305FW  CLX3306  CLX3306W  CLX3306FN CLT-K406S Toner Black 1,500
Samsung CLT-C406S Toner Cyan 1,000
Samsung CLT-M406S Toner Magenta 1,000
Samsung CLT-Y406S Toner Yellow 1,000
Samsung CLT-R406 Drum KCMY 16K-BK  4K CLR
Samsung CLP415  CLP415N  CLP415NW; CLX4195N  CLX4195FN  CLX4195FW CLT-K504S Toner Black 2,500
Samsung CLT-C504S Toner Cyan 1,800
Samsung CLT-M504S Toner Magenta 1,800
Samsung CLT-Y504S Toner Yellow 1,800
Samsung ProXpress C2620DW  C2670FW CLT-K505L Toner Black 6,000
Samsung CLT-C505L Toner Cyan 3,500
Samsung CLT-M505L Toner Magenta 3,500
Samsung CLT-Y505L Toner Yellow 3,500
Samsung CLP510  CLP510N  CLP510NG CLP-510D7K Toner Black 7,000
Samsung CLP-510D5C Toner Cyan 5,000
Samsung CLP-510D5M Toner Magenta 5,000
Samsung CLP-510D5Y Toner Yellow 5,000
Samsung CLP610  CLP610ND  CLP660  CLP660ND; CLX6200FX  CLX6210FX  CLX6240FX CLP-K660B Toner Black 5,500
Samsung CLP-C660B Toner Cyan 5,000
Samsung CLP-M660B Toner Magenta 5,000
Samsung CLP-Y660B Toner Yellow 5,000
Samsung CLP620  CLP670;  CLX6220  CLX6250 CLT-K508S  CLT-K508L Toner Black 5,000
Samsung CLT-C508S  CLT-C508L Toner Cyan 4,000
Samsung CLT-M508S  CLT-M508L Toner Magenta 4,000
Samsung CLT-Y508S  CLT-Y508L Toner Yellow 4,000
Samsung CLP680  CLP680ND; CLX6260FR  CLX6260FD  CLX6260ND  CLX6260FW CLT-K506L  CLT-K506S Toner Black 6,000
Samsung CLT-C506L  CLT-C506S Toner Cyan 3,500
Samsung CLT-M506L  CLT-M506S Toner Magenta 3,500
Samsung CLT-Y506L  CLT-Y506S Toner Yellow 3,500
Samsung CLP770  CLP770ND CLT-K609S Toner Black 7,000
Samsung CLT-C609S Toner Cyan 7,000
Samsung CLT-M609S Toner Magenta 7,000
Samsung CLT-Y609S Toner Yellow 7,000
Samsung ML1210D3  ML1010  ML1020M  ML1210  ML1220M  ML1250  ML1430 ML-1210D3 Toner Black 2,500
Samsung ML1610  ML2010  ML2015  ML2510  ML2570; SCX4321  SCX4521 ML-1610D2  ML-2010D3 Toner Black 3,000
Samsung ML-1610D2  ML-2010D3 MICR Black 3,000
Samsung ML1630  ML1631K; SCX4500  SCX4501K ML-D1630A Toner Black 2,000
Samsung ML1640  ML2240 MLT-D108S Toner Black 1,500
Samsung ML1660  ML1661  ML1665 MLT-D104S Toner Black 1,500
Samsung ML1500  ML1510  ML1510b  ML1520  ML1710  ML1710B  ML1710D  ML1710P  ML1740  ML1750  ML1755  SF560  SF565P; SCX4016  SCX4100  SCX4116  SCX4116D  SCX4216F  SCX4200 ML-1710D3  SCX-4100D3  SCX-4200A  SCX-4216D3 Toner Black 3,000
Samsung ML2150  ML2151  ML2151N  ML2152W ML-2150D8 Toner Black 8,000
Samsung ML2160  ML2161  ML2165  ML2165W  ML2166W  ML2167  ML2168; SCX3400  SCX3401  SCX3401FH  SCX3405  SCX3405F  SCX3405W  SCX3405FW  SCX3406W  SCX3406HW  SCX3407; SF761  SF761P  SF760P MLT-D101S Toner Black 1,500
Samsung ML2250  ML2251N  ML2251NP  ML2251W ML-2250D5 Toner Black 5,000
Samsung ML2525  ML2525W; SCX4600  SCX4646F; SF650  SF650P MLT-D105L Toner Black 2,500
Samsung MLT-D105L MICR Black 2,500
Samsung M2625D  M2825DW  M2825FD  M2875FW MLT-D116L Toner Black 3,000
Samsung MLT-R116 Drum Black 9,000
Samsung ML2850  ML2850D  ML2851ND ML-D2850B Toner Black 5,000
Samsung ML2855  ML2855ND  ML4825FN; SCX4825FN  SCX4828FN MLT-D209L Toner Black 5,000
Samsung ML2950ND  ML2951ND  ML2955ND  ML2955DW; SCX4728FD  SCX4728FD  SCX4729FW MLT-D103S  MLT-D103L Toner Black 2,500
Samsung ML3050  ML3051N  ML3051ND ML-D3050B Toner Black 8,000
Samsung ML3061ND  ML3560  ML3560DN  ML3561  ML3561ND  ML3562W ML-3560DB  ML-3560D6 Toner Black 12,000
Samsung ProXpress M3320ND  M3370FD; SL M3820DW  M4070FR  M3870FW  M4020ND MLT-D203L Toner 5,000
Samsung SL M3820DW  M4070FR  M3870FW  M4020ND MLT-D203E Toner 10,000
Samsung M4020ND  M4070FR **Ultra High Yield MLT-D203U Toner Black 15,000
Samsung ML3310ND  ML3312ND  ML3710D  ML3710ND  ML3312N MLT-D205S  MLT-D205L Toner Black 5,000
Samsung ML3310  ML3710  ML3712DW  ML3712ND; SCX4833  SCX5637  SCX5639FR  SCX5739FW MLT-D205E Toner Black 10,000
Samsung ML3750ND MLT-D305L Toner Black 15,000
Samsung ML4500  ML4600 ML-4500D3 Toner Black 2,500
Samsung ML4050  ML4050N  ML4551N  ML4551ND  ML4551NDR ML-D4550A Toner Black 10,000
Samsung ML4512ND  ML5012ND  ML5017ND MLT-D307E Toner Black 20,000
Samsung ML5512  ML6512 MLT-D309L Toner Black 30,000
Samsung ML3470D  ML3471ND  ML3472NDK ML-D3470A  ML-D3470B Toner Black 10,000
Samsung ML4050  ML4050N  ML4551N  ML4551ND  ML4551NDR ML-D4550B Toner Black 20,000
Samsung SCX4300 MLT-D109S Toner Black 2,000
Samsung SL M2020  M2070 MLT-D111S Toner Black 1,000
Samsung SL M2620  M2670  M2820  M2870 MLT-D115L Toner Black 3,000
Samsung SCX4520  SCX4720  SCX4720F  SCX4720FN SCX-4720D5 Toner Black 5,000
Samsung SCX4725  SCX4725F  SCX4725FN SCX-D4725A Toner Black 3,000
Samsung SCX5112  SCX5115  SCX5312  SCX5315; SF830  SF835 SCX-5312D6 Toner Black 7,500
Samsung SCX-5312R2 Drum Black 15,000
Samsung SCX5635  SCX5635FN  SCX5835  SCX5835FN MLT-D208L Toner Black 10,000
Samsung SCX5935  SCX5935FN MLT-D206S  MLT-D206L Toner Black 10,000
Samsung SCX6220  SCX6320  SCX6320F  SCX6322  SCX6520 SCX-6320D8 Toner Black 8,000
Samsung SCX-6320R2 Drum Black 20,000
Samsung SCX5530  SCX5530FN  SCX5330N SCX-D5530B Toner Black 8,000
Samsung SCX6345  SCX6345N SCX-D6345A Toner Black 20,000
Samsung SCX-R6345A DRUM Black 60,000
Samsung SCX6545  SCX6555 SCX-D6555A Toner Black 25,000